Living in the Present

Many of us struggle with living in the present.  It takes practice, especially at first but it does become easier.  Learning to enjoy the moment is the single most important step to finding happiness because it is always there…..you just have to be “present” to notice it.

When we are present, we find joy in the simplest things.  A raindrop gracefully slipping off a leaf and landing in a pool of water, sending a gentle cascade of ripples outward.  Taking note of this, seeing the simple beauty in it and feeling thankful you are “awake” in that moment to appreciate such exquisiteness, is living in the present.  In that brief passing of time, you are not thinking about what bills were due, or what to pick up at the grocery store for dinner, or who you were supposed to call.  You are simply present and living in the moment.

In a world where we are supposedly more connected than ever, we could not be more disconnected from each other and from ourselves.  We are fearful.  We grasp at fleeting happiness in a desperate attempt to fill the void.  A quick glance at current events illustrates how truly disconnected we, as a society have become.  Sadly, each of us is searching for the same things; security, happiness and love.  True happiness comes from within and when this is realized, there is no fear of losing what cannot be lost.  Meditation, focused breath work, or any practice that centers us and calms our ever active minds is the foundation for living in the present.